My name is Albert, just like Einstein’s. What if I was his relative? Whatever, I’m definitely an outsider just like my old friend was. I’ve got a long past with a lot of crazy stuff… I mean, outsiders just see life from a different perspective. They tend to do some crazy shit on this journey called life. So the thing is I’m the funder of this project. I worked together with many traders and we put all of our experciences into one single tool. Finally the Bitcoin Indicator was born from the power of financial freedom.


Once you master it you’ll see your reality from a whole new perspective. The reality where you can relax into the moment with ease and stay as long as you wish. Where you can be anyone and you can do anything you want. May I share this feeling with you?

So let’s get to the point. The Bitcoin Indicator was developed especially for high leverage trading, however it can be used with low and medium leverage, too. I’m keen on high leverage trading so I usually check 30/10m timeframes for a bigger picture and I trade 1/3m timeframes. I like trading Bitcoin, ETH and several altcoins, too. The Bitcoin Indicator comes in three parts…

Bitcoin Indicator A

This will give you pretty accurate trading signals, also trendline and trend cloud. The signals come from 3 different strategies. The strategies are so complex they use 4-7 another indicators each. Once all the criteria meet the signal gets triggered. The strategies named as “Continuation”, “Trend Check” and “Pump&Dump”. All of the signals are for trend continuation. To identify trend reversal you have to use the Trend Clouds and the Bitcoin Indicator B/C together.

Sensitivity & Strength can be set manually according to the timeframe you trade on. The less signals with more accuracy the better. Just play around with the values as long as you find the best set for your trading style. The “best set” really depends on the timeframe/ leverage.

The colors of the Signals can be changed manually. This way you will clearly see which strategy got triggered each time you receive a signal. Each strategy can be turned on/ off just like the Trendline/ Cloud. You can set alerts for literally anything.

trading indicator
trading tool

Bitcoin Indicator B

trading tool
bitcoin trading

Indicator B is a multi tool. It shows the amount of money flows in and out the market in real-time. Momentum waves are literally the best indications for traders as they show the micro trends. In some cases you can go with the waves like getting in at the top and out at the bottom. However the market is a bit tricky sometimes so it’s better using it with Indicator C together.

There is a complex Divergence indication built-in also which you will see as lines on Indicator B. “Magic Dots” are also indicate divergences but they appear only if some hidden criteria meet.

Use Bitcoin Indicator B to find entries to the market Sharp only after you identified the best entry zone with Indicator C.

Bitcoin Indicator C

This is the main indicator in the Bitcoin Indicator package. You will use it to find the best entry zone. Once you identified it you will look for the sharp entry on Indicator B. 

Bullish and Bearish dots does NOT represent the start of a new trend on Indi C, yet sometimes they appear just in time. However they are only for extra confirmations. To identify trend change you have to take attention to the waves.

When the waves are topping you can look for your Short entry on Indicator B. If the waves are moving together parallel that indicates a strong trend. Read more about the trading strategy…

bitcoin indicator

How does it get any better than this? With the alert options. There are alerts built in for literally anything. Choose your favorite coin and check the chart every time when you start your day. Drink your coffee and set some alerts. Go, live your life do your business and once you receive the notification check if it’s the time for a quick trade…

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