My name is Albert, just like Einstein’s. What if I was his relative? Whatever, I’m definitely an outsider just like my old friend was. I’ve got a long past with a lot of crazy stuff… I mean, outsiders just see life from a different perspective. They tend to do some crazy shit on this journey called life. So the point is I’m the dreamer and the creater of this amazing indicator. I worked together with many traders and we put all of our experciences into one single tool. Finally the Bitcoin Indicator was born from the power of financial freedom. 


Once you learn to use the Bitcoin Indicator you’ll see your reality from a whole new perspective. The reality where you can relax into the moment with ease and stay as long as you wish. Where you can be anyone and you can do anything you want. The feeling of the long-term success in trading is out of this world.

It took 3 years of work to develop the Indicator the version which I can be truely proud of. It was pretty hard to find the value which I dreamed about but finally we found and built it into the Bitcoin Indicator.

Crypt trading

Indicator A will give you trading signals, also paint the trendline and cloud. The Signals appear as small white lines on the bottom of the chart. There is no visible difference between long and short signals so once you receive a Signal you have to check the chart and decide. You will be able to do it easily once you learn The Bitcoin Indicator Strategy.

However not all of the Signals are potential entries. In average 50% of the Signals are good opportunities and more than 70% of them will lead you to a winning trade. These numbers are extremly good and you can still increase your chances by following some rules which you can learn in The Strategy.

Indicator B is maybe the most important part of the package. Absolute tops and bottoms can be found pretty easily once you understand how it works. Not just new trends can be predicted with it but also the length and strength of them.

There is also a Money Flow line built-in which is a very special addon. It’s not just a simple Money Flow indication as it’s calculated by multiple timeframes. In some cases it clearly indicates an upcoming move. Learn to use it properly in The Strategy.

Crypto trading
Crypto trading
Crypto trading
Crypto trading

Indicator C is the final key to a successful trade. You will use Indicator A to get a Signal, Indicator B to identify the Trend Zones and Indicator C to decied if it’s an Entry Pattern. If so that will be your last confirmation before the trade. It will also let you know when to close your position.

Entry Patterns can be identified easily once you learnt the strategy. It’s something that you will be able to recognize in a sec or two. Go to The Strategy and learn more about the entries.

Summarizing it the Bitcoin Indicator is a very special trading tool which has everything you need. All the three parts should be used together finding the best trade opportunities. Indicator A gives trading Signals but they must be filtered. First you have check if it’s in the Entry Zone and if so you still need the Entry Pattern. Details can be read in The Strategy.

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