Trading Signals

The Signals are created for the main Bitcoin Indicator Strategy. With the help of the Signals you can save a lot of time as you don’t have to analize the chart all day long waiting for the opportunity of the entry. Set the Signals as described below and check the chart only when you receive the notification. 

 How does it get any better than this?!


Criteria #1

indicator A settings

If you already read the trading Strategy you probably know the best entry zones are somewhere right before the dots on Indicator C. That’s why the first criteria is the distance between waves #2/3 before they would cross each other. If you want criteria #1 turning on far before the dots just increase the value! 

The best entry zone is where wave #1 is decreasing while waves #2/3 are about to cross each other. In these zones you can except a pullback or sometimes even a trend change.

Criteria #2

So as you know when the price is moving in the entry zone it’s time to find the sharp entry using Indicator B. When criteria #1 is active the Signals will appear once criteria #2 also turns on. It’s pretty obvious if you increase the value that means criteria #2 will get activated on the dots which are above that.

When both criteria meet the Signals appear. It’s simple as that!

How to use the Signals

The very first thing is setting them according to the coin and timeframe you trade on. Each coin has different market behaviour so it’s really necessary to analize them a little while. Play with the Signal values as long as you see only accurate Signals on the chart. If you do it the right way most probably the next Signals will be accurate as well. If market pumps/ dumps like… extremly, you have to set the values again according to the current market situation. Also re-set them if market behaviour changes with time…

Setting them is essential, yet you won’t jump into trade on every Signal you receive. So when you receive it check the chart if everything meet for the entry and if so you can open the position with the right leverage according to the Balance Management.

PRO Tip; Add Indicator A multiple times to the chart. Turn off trendlines and clouds on them (except one) and set the signals with different values. There are many settings which will generate highly accurate Signals so don’t use just one. Set them for every possible entry so you won’t miss any good opportunites!

Set your Trading Signals and start Earning!

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