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This is the only indicator you will ever need to trade crypto successfully. This complex trading tool was developed for medium leveraged day trading.

The Bitcoin Indicator

The Bitcoin Indicator is one of the best trading tools available on the market. With this professional tool you can find the best entries. It was developed especially for medium leveraged short-term trading and it works with any crypto assets. The trading Signals will let you know when to check the chart. Follow the steps of the Bitcoin Indicator Strategy and enter the market at the perfect time. The Bitcoin Indicator package stands from 3 parts;

Bitcoin Indicator A

How to tade futures

It will give you Signals and paint the Trendline to the chart. The Signals are highly accurate if you use them as it described in The Strategy. You will also find exit alerts which help you to get out just in time.

Bitcoin Indicator B

The white “Money Flow line” shows you the amount of money flows in & out the market. It’s calculatd by multiple timeframes.

The momentum waves analyze the market and paint a big picture about it. The best Entry Zones can be easily found by following the main Bitcoin Indicator Strategy.

Use it to find tops, bottoms and pullbacks and follow the length of the trend during your trade.

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Bitcoin Indicator C

Once you find a potential entry zone on Indicator B the next thing to check is Indicator C. If you recognize the “Entry Pattern” you can be pretty sure about the direction of the market. Learn The Strategy and start practicing. With the Bitcoin Indicator you will be able to reach more than 30x gains with just a few trades if you got the skills. Patience and persistence are the key.

How to trade Bitcoin

The Strategy

The Bitcoin Indicator is a complex trading tool, yet The Strategy was created for people just like You. For people who have a daily job and businesses to do, yet want to build a fortune. It’s easy to understand and doesn’t require much time to apply.

Set alerts for the Signals and live your everyday life. When you receive an alert just check the chart and decide if it’s the right time to open a position. It’s very important to understand all the parts of the strategy. Choosing the right leverage, doing the proper balance management and finding the clearest entry pattern are crucial for the success. Get your access and start practicing.

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Trust the Process

bitcoin balance

Some people say daytrading is more like gambling while others make a living from it… you decide.

Don’t overthink it and most importantly don’t give up. Play around and keep focusing on your goal. With patience, presistence and practice you will be able to be successful in long-term.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, sure. With a free account you can place upto 3 indicators to your chart so you can use Indicator A/B/C all together.

Trading is never safe. It’s a high-risk activity whatever tool you use, however the Bitcoin Indicator can definitely help you to be a successful trader in long-term.

Purchase the indicator and read The Strategy. Also feel free to ask anything in our Telegram group.

No. We offer annual and lifetime packages.

Pretty accurate! However the Signals are more like alerts for you. Once a Signal appears you have to check the chart and decide if it’s the right time to enter the market.

Yes, sure. You can download Tradingview app to any devices.

Yes, of course! It works with any assets.

You can reach us via email;

Or join us on Telegram and drop your question there!

Unfortunately there is no trial option available, however we have a 72h refund policy in case you would change your mind.

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